“A prayer to yourself.”
- Y. F.
- R. W.
“Healing. Made me break through these limitations I had on what I can achieve.”
- J. A.





Have you heard the phrase 1+1 equals 3? That is how I would describe my approach with photo manipulation. Simulating in my mind, and then on screen what entirely different elements might co-create is both stimulating and incredibly relaxing to me. How do they make you feel?

Mental imagery is the use of the senses to create or re-create an experience in the mind. I used it to increase well-being by building up self efficacy and positive expectancy and lowering stress in my peers.


My initial prototype was a physical, multi-sensory experience I built using Arduino and sensors that changed lighting in the room based on where the user is standing in the room. With COVID lockdown, I had transmute it into a remote experience. In this 8 minutes video, I explain the experience I created, and the results I got from testing it with 8 young adults from the African Diaspora. They described it as:

I created an online home for the story behind Às̩e̩. I used the translation of the surreal visuals into a web space as an opportunity to have fun with 3D effects in CSS. Check it out here.